I was one of those kids who wanted to be everything. From astronomer to zoologist, there was a season in my life when it was all I could dream of, and through some self-excavation I found my understanding of this wild, wondrous world didn’t come through the alignment of planets and constellations or the migration cycles of whales. I saw [see] the world through the lense of metaphor, and it was then that the stars aligned and the humpbacks bellowed their song from the depths. I was to be storyteller, I told myself, and I had determined there was really only one story I wanted to tell--the redemption story. Because I believe there has been a terrible error and great adversity because of it. I believe in a Savior who was acquitted this error, and I believe in the resurrected Christ. My belief came when I was young, before I had words to express what I had experienced and tested through my bouts with disease [Multiple Sclerosis]. “I have tested it. Christ is a Savior not merely because I hope He will save me from hell and take me to heaven, but because He saves me here and now from gloom, despair, meaninglessness, purposelessness, sin, the tyranny of myself and my passions--He has made me free.” [E. Stanely Jones]