The Story Behind the Story

from Sherri MCcready


As the Pastor of Highland Christian Church in Asheville, North Carolina, Shannon was burdened to help the church understand God’s story.  He developed and worked with many different discipleship materials and methods, but found that many people in the church were no longer reading. This led him to do some research, where he found that 45% of all college graduates will never read a book again. He began reading about missionaries who taught the Story of God to people groups without written languages; they used story sets and communicated them orally. This method was proven to be very effective, so Shannon decided to apply the same technique within the church, selecting 16 scenes from Genesis to Revelation that communicated God’s pursuit of his people. In the summer of 2012, Highland Christian Church journeyed through the Story of God one scene per week for 4 months. The experience was powerful and strong, and each week as I watched the Story I wondered what it would be like to experience it in a single setting. 

In May of 2014, while on a mission’s trip in East Asia, God woke me up in the middle of the night with a strong compelling to, “Create the Story of GOD with a cast of eight people, portable sets and sound, traveling cases and bins, and original music capable of being performed anywhere; in villages, coffee shops, large and small venues.” My mind was instantly filled with costuming ideas that came to me like a flood, and I knew I wasn’t going back to sleep. I slipped out of bed and tip-toed to the bathroom where I worked on casting the first eight scenes with just eight story tellers, and I sensed that night that the first eight cast members should be my family. Upon returning to Asheville, I immediately began writing the Story, raising funds, and recruiting the cast and composers. Our son Isaac and his friend Eddy quit their jobs and composed the music from August to November. We thought we would perform it in Asheville and hopefully in East Asia - having no idea what God had in mind.

Story of God is now partnering with First Priority Global, Compassion International, Teen Missions International, and other mission organizations and churches across America as we labor toward the completion of the great commission. Our mission is not just to tell the Story of God to America, but to work to get the Story to the world by multiplying messengers; training nationals to take the portable sets and sound to their own people groups in their own language. 

We are building our Story support team right now, so we can stay in touch weekly!  If you would like to help by funding the mission, praying for the mission, or bringing the Story to a city you care about- contact us