Hi Friends!


Happy 3 years of the Story of God Journey to you, some of you have walked every step with us.  Shannon and I have been chasing God’s adventures since we were in High School and there sure have been some wild rides, but nothing that quite compares to the challenges and potential with Story of God.


In a few weeks, I (Sherri) will spend 2 very hot weeks in Florida training students at Teen Missions International in drama, while introducing them to the 2018 opportunity to take the Story of God to South Africa.  I will be speaking to the 800+ students about the mission of Story of God and opening up the chance to audition this fall for the new team.  I am very excited about this chance and sober as to all that I still need to learn, but I remember how far this Story has come and I am strengthened to continue pressing on.


In 3 years the Story of God was conceived, written, scored, produced, choreographed, costumed, rehearsed, performed 62 times, recorded, filmed, and invited to the world.  It has been tested in parks, Rehabs, Churches, Schools, Prison, and Theatre’s.  Young and old were held captive by the power and production of this Story!


Some of you know that our Branson Theatre season was cut short due to a series of overwhelming set backs.  I was asked recently what I thought or felt about that ‘failure’ or difficult season.  I told them this, “God doesn’t owe me anything.  He is good and and worthy to shake everything that can be shaken, especially those endeavors that bear His Name.”  We all believe that God’s ways are perfect and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.  I am humbly thankful to Him for sustaining our family through that very difficult time and relocating us 3 times in 3 years….amazing!  We bought and sold 3 houses in 3 years with no difficulty. 


Why are we in Boone, NC now?  We came for 3 reasons.  We prayed from September to January for God to allow Shannon to Pastor again, in a city that was cool enough in climate for Annie, in a Church where the Story of God ministry could be nurtured.  In an amazing turn of events we have been given the opportunity to PLANT A NEW CHURCH IN BOONE, NC- MOUNTAINSIDE COMMUNITY!  God did it.  We now live in a mountain cabin at 4300 feet elevation with cool mountain air and Shannon is the lead Planter and Pastor of Mountainside.  We will base the future work of Story of God from this gathering of Christ Followers as the International work begins.




We just released the STORY OF GOD MOVIE on youtube and for purchase through our website.  Now the Story can continue to move and grow and go to places that we could never reach.  Be sure to share this on FB to help us get the word out! It’s really good. Elec did a fantastic job directing the filming and Elisa did great work with the camera.  Be sure to pick up a copy for yourself!


This year I will be prepping the Story for International travel.  There is still a great deal ahead of me as I finalize this production, script, score, costumes, sets, and cases making it ready to release to new International teams and potentially available for others to perform here in the U.S.


We greatly value your prayers and continued monthly support as we press on to all that we believe may lay ahead.  Is there such a thing as a quad-vocational?  If so, that’s me.  I reserve time each week to continue to work for Story of God, while I work to plant Mountainside, serve my family, and clean houses to help pay the bills.


I was told once that anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the apples in a seed.  I believe the seed of the Story of God has great potential to bear good and great fruit all over the world.  I am compelled to watch and pray through this 4th year to see what God chooses to do with this seed, it is His.  So are we.


Pressing on,



2017 Renewal

  Hey, everyone, here is a brief update on what's taken place in our 'time-between-times' pause.  Story of God is going through a renewal.  I'm excited for you to see the live-film version we've captured--it won't be long before it's released for freeeeeee! (The digital version--any dvd's will be cost & shipping--sorry).

 SOG is looking forward to seeing friends and sharing the story in Binghamton, NY and Southern Manitoba.  See you soon!

Endings and Beginnings

September 9, 2016

September 9, 2016

Dear Friends of Story of God:


   We have come to the end of one phase for Story of God and the beginning of another.  Sometimes you cross a finish line and you don’t even know it.  I would love to update you on that story, but first of all- You are amazing!  God has enabled you to support a miracle!  Story of God, a full blown musical production was written, produced, debuted, toured, and sustained a 10-week theatre run all in 2 years.  This is exceptionally rare, but our God is the God of the impossible.  We have had a miraculous ride together. Story of God is READY for phase two.


As you know, we have faced and overcome sizeable obstacles and challenges since the beginning of Story of God.  For each one we have been enabled to press on by the provision of strength and resources.  However, for the last 2 months we have been walking day to day and constantly seeking the Lord for his will.  We knew the theatre run would be a great risk and most unlikely.  But we weighed the risk and kept our overhead as low as possible, although marketing is very expensive.  We budgeted our expenses and knew we could sustain the show if just 20 people bought tickets per show.  Based on our trial run in March, we felt that was a realistic expectation and proceeded with the contract at the theatre.  And the challenges and obstacles began to mount instantly;


1.   Only 2 people came to most shows.  We had to cancel several due to no one coming.  Despite handing out hundreds of free tickets, inviting everyone we saw and knew, and literally walking into hotel breakfast rooms and inviting folks- our attendance remained at well under 10 people/show.  The good news is that everyone who came loved the show!  The bad news is that the McCready family could not personally support the financial burden of theatre rent, marketing, and supporting the 11 member team. If/when another theatre run opportunity comes it will need to come with the commitment and missional support of several area churches.  Money doesn’t make people come to see the Story, the Church makes that happen.

2.   We knew early on that this effort would not be sustainable without steady theatre attendance and reached out to you for prayer and support.  You responded and we were able to keep pushing on one week at a time.

3.   Then our theatre Manager, Buster Prine was diagnosed with cancer and began the fight for his life, obviously leaving the supportive role he had held for the Story.

4.   A new owner came into the theatre and we were thrust into a period of confusion with our contract and the transition to the new.

5.   The new owner changed the name of the theatre after all of our marketing was printed and billboards were up, so we were thrown deeper into that period of confusion.

6.   We held on for 8 weeks and nothing changed in the theatre attendance.  We were running out of funds and asked all the team to get second jobs to help us pay for groceries.  They did- because they are all champs!

7.   We knew September would be the month of decision.  We wanted to hang on to our theatre run till mid-December and made every possible concession to do so.  Then we found ourselves facing the most unexpected and difficult obstacle of them all, our daughter Annie suddenly passed out one day and began facing debilitating vertigo. 


Sherri:  THE MOMENT OF DECISION came on Sunday September 11th.  Shannon and Elisa were driving to Houston, Texas to promote the Story at a Missions conference. Annie awakened that morning to severe symptoms and I called Shannon.  He said when he ‘turned the car around to come home’ the Lord spoke to his heart.  “It’s time to take care of your family.”  One direction of the road led him to continue advancing the Story, the other direction sounded the ‘retreat.’


We took Annie to the ER and the journey of testing has begun for her to discover what is happening and for now she is on medical rest.  Shannon fasted and prayed on Monday September 12th to make certain that he had heard the Lord.  On Tuesday morning he shared his conclusion with me and I was broken and sad, but absolutely certain that he was correct.


8.   We told the team on Wednesday that we needed them to return to their families to enable us to lower our expenses immediately.  This is the hardest of all, we have faced every obstacle together over the last 20 months.  This time we need to let go of each other in faith that God will show if, when, and how this team will tell the Story together again.







It is simply a time to rest for now until the Lord shows when and how he will choose for us to advance again. 


The Apostle Paul said he was prevented by the Spirit of Jesus from going to Asia.  He doesn’t say more about how he experienced that prevention, but in some way I understand.  There are moments when the door is not open.


We have many great stories of God helping us and ministering through the performing team to people we met across the country.  But it is a lot of weight to bear on a two year-old ministry.  Most fruit trees, don’t produce until their third or fourth year.  The traveling and live performance phase, with all the above challenges has nearly bent this little sapling over to the ground.


  So that phase is now coming to an end, and it is time for the performance team to pause.  It’s time to take the weight off the sapling and let it try to stand up straight again.  In a change of metaphor, we’ve told our team that it is a moving from ‘active duty’ to ‘reserves’.   Each will be heading home to their own families, to rest and to discover what God has for them next.


  We say things like ‘reserves’ and the beginning of a new phase, because we believe there is still more for Story of God.  There is development work that will continue:  VBS materials, Photo-Scripture book, “Why I Believe the Story is True” book, building missions relationships, and developing financial support.  We plan to pull the performing team together again for filming the Story of God to put into DVD.  There are still a few invitations in 2017, and Sherri will be trying to schedule those into a compact week or a few weekends, where the performing team could possibly come together.


  Another shift in this new phase for Story of God will be for me as I, Shannon, move out of the paid role, back to a volunteer role on the Board of Directors. Currently, I hope there will be a chance to be paid by SOG again as I continue to oversee all of the closure details with the theatre run, but will plan on a specific resignation date and move back to a volunteer role on the Board of Directors.   For the moment I will be substitute teaching and I’ve applied to work nights at Target.  I have sensed over the past 6 months a renewal in my heart with thoughts towards a pastoral role again.  I am seeking the Lord and looking for the opportunity in his timing.



Depending on how our monthly support continues, we hope to do 2 things:


·      Keep Sherri financially enabled and prayerfully supported to continue her focus on building the Story of God and preparing it for international opportunities as well as booking 2017 opportunities and finishing the training materials.

·      Take the team or contingent of the team (with filming of SOG) to Zambia in December of 2016 with Teen Missions to audition young Zambian missionaries and begin the work on our first International team. We need to buy tickets at the end of October, if funds become available.


   Please pray for Sherri as she works and discerns steps for Story of God and develops resources.  Pray for team members:  Isaac, Emma, Annie, Elisa, Elec, Rachel, Daniel, Eliza, and Kara.  They will be saying good-bye to each other after living so closely together in mission.   Pray for Annie and her healing journey.  Even though our little two year old SOG sapling isn’t old enough to really bear the fruit will believe she is capable of, I’ve seen such amazing growth in each of these young people over the past two years.  We believe the beauty of Story of God isn’t just on the stage, it is best seen in the hearts of the Story tellers behind the curtain.


  Your continued financial support and prayers would be appreciated as we undergo the transition to this new phase, wrapping up finance connected with the theater, and the changes for every team member.

We are sad for this one phase to end, but we have peace and curiosity as to what God will do next as Story of God lives on in a new way.  We absolutely trust the leading of the Lord and will keep you posted to all that unfolds.


God bless,

Shannon and Sherri McCready

Branson Star Theater Becomes Millennial Theater

Our Moses

Hello Story of God Friends-

Wow!  We have much to celebrate as Story of God has now miraculously been open in Branson Star Theatre for 7 WEEKS!  We are told here locally that this a good length of time because there are many shows who don’t make it that long.  We have been miraculously sustained by donations from you all, thank you!!!!!  We share the whole Story no matter how small the crowd and are thrilled that the response remains very encouraging as everyone loves the show!  We have also seen Compassion International children receive sponsorship through the show, hooray!

We had great success at a local back to school outdoor party where we played with many children and assisted them with making Story of God top hats- they were a hit!  We also had them play a game with our Story flip cards to see if they knew the Story well enough to put it into the correct order.  Lots of fun and lots of great questions.  The team topped off the night by putting together an acapella street performance where ‘The Story’ is told in about 90 seconds, very creative and lots of fun to watch.

The theater we perform at, Branson Star Theater, is under new management and changing it's name to Millennial Theater.  We hope to be seeing a new digital sign at the road front entrance, which will help out Story of God visibility.  Some changes are going on inside too, as digital screens are being added for an 'immersive experience".  We hope to be able to make use of these to enhance the Story of God experience.  The changes also come for Story of God to present just once a week on Saturdays at 2pm.  Pray for the transitions going on with the theater!

Go Show Your Love Hosea!


It has been fun to enhance the visual experience for the audiences through the use of more production elements available to us at the Theatre.  We were able to take some photos of the beautiful scenes in the Story.  Enjoy those and share them as you can with folks who may like to see the show here in Branson.  

We are beginning booking for our travel season February- April, please let us know if you would like the Story to come to your city during the off season at the theatre.

We are also expanding the work of Story of God by developing training materials to accompany the Musical.  Shannon has a good amount of writing done on a book to support the claims of the Story as a Pastor using Scripture, Apologetics, and his Testimony.  We are also beginning work on small group materials and VBS curriculum.

Missionary Paul Preaches Jesus

Missionary Paul Preaches Jesus


Thank you so much for all of your support!  We continue to press on within this mission because we love the story!



Branson Shows & Story of God Tickets

 Yes, we're a religious non-profit doing a "show" in Branson, Missouri!  We sell tickets (www.storyofGod.com) to our show to help raise funds to send and multiply teams overseas, and to especially help the Gospel to be communicated to people without written languages.  So, we are motivated a little differently than other "shows", and we see ourselves as missionaries, not entertainers.  But we do entertain (literally means to "captivate the imagination"), presenting original drama, music, dance, and aerial silks to tell the Story from Genesis to Revelation.  And like other "shows" we face the same struggle as any other group of entertainers in Branson: New shows work hard to continue to stay in "business", building a following. 

  While we build that following, would you consider sponsoring a presentation of Story of God in Branson?  It is a tax-deductible gift to our 501 (3) (c) organization, The Sending Shoppe, Inc. DBA Story of God.  Gifts in kind (vehicles with titles and such) are accepted as tax deductible gifts.  To our regular subscribers, please share this blog/vlog* with a friend who might be interested.  Thanks for you support in multiplying messengers for the Gospel!  

*If the video doesn't appear in your email, click the link included or copy and paste in your web-browser.


We have an incredible opportunity with this open door for Story of God to present regularly at the Branson Star Theater from July 1 to December 17th.  Please help us by donating today, which will allow us to establish and make the full run from July to December.  This is a chance for hundreds of people to hear, see, feel, and experience the Story of God for the first time!

(Click the link above if the video doesn't appear in your email).

Steps Toward Multiplying Teams

 We are settling into Branson this month of May after some great presentations with our friends at Lake Norman Baptist Church (Charlotte, NC).  Thanks, LNBC, for not only hosting the Saturday night SOG presentation, but allowing us to share our testimonies on Sunday morning!

  In Branson, we are taking time to meet new people, like the leaders of International Fellowship at Missouri State University.  Some of their students are exchange students from the same city in East Asia--where we have connection with missionary friends.  We hope to be building some bridges and possibly work on translating SOG into Mandarin.  We are also preparing for our coming time with Teen Missions International.  Please pray for our interactions with international leaders from countries in the southern part of the continent of Africa, and students from across the U.S.

  We are beginning training for our new understudy, Elle, who we met back on the movie set of "I'm Not Ashamed" (being released in October).  After having to cancel one of our shows in Branson because of sickness, we realized that a 'swing' cast member was needed.  Pray for Elle as she begins learning the narrator's role in SOG.

  We are still raising funds toward the start up of a theater in Branson.  We still believe this is the best route for generating funds for international travel and future teams.  There are several theaters available, and one we've contracted for a short term in March, but we cannot start continuous shows until we've raised $300k in start up.

Pray for the young team members who have left home, sacrificing time and pursuit of better paying jobs to give themselves to this mission.  Pray for God to supply all our needs (we lost the support of Pilot fuel for this coming year, and feeding 10 people 3 times a day is a challenge). Thank you for your support and prayers!

--Shannon McCready



New Partnership & March Shows in Branson

  After presenting Story of God to the staff of Teen Missions International (TMI) in Florida, we sat down with the leadership and began to strategize how to work together.  The result is that SOG will be presenting at TMI's Bootcamp this June in FL, and then later in December presenting SOG to TMI's Bootcamp in South Africa!  We are excited and honored as we begin the groundwork of overseas SOG teams.

   Great times were had with new and old friends at Asbury University and with those in Bluffton, IN.  The students at Asbury filled the theater in the Communications Dept. two nights in a row.  House of Hope helped arrange SOG presentations at Hope Mission Church and Kingdom Academy in Bluffton.  Thanks to everyone who received us and made those great nights (and even arranged dog-stting for our Border Collie)!  We are looking forward to being with Asbury's Communications Dept. again to film the SOG in the spring!

  We will be doing shows in Branson, MO the two weekends leading up to Easter Sunday this March!  We will be presenting all these preview shows in the theater that we hope to occupy on a permanent basis!   Some friends in town are arranging help to promote the shows, where we hope to invite Branson and specific key people in the community.  Pray for the right people at the right time in the right places, as we continue to raise funds to start the permanent residence for Story of God in Branson!

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On I'm Not Ashamed Set

  Everyone has been working on the set of "I'm Not Ashamed" the Rachel Scott story (girl who was targeted and murdered for her faith at Columbine HS in 1999).  Eliza Lundgren has been doing behind the scenes and on scene still photos; Colton Kilgore has been filming behind the scenes.  Rachel Peniston and Elisa McCready have been working in the costume department (huge!), while  Annie McCready has been helping the producers move 'extras' and edit the script for the director.  Danny and Elisa both got minor speaking roles (a sentence or two).  Sherri and I have been working with the marketing team, and preparing some future live events (which Story of God will perform) to recruit hosts for the April 20, 2016 showing of I'm Not Ashamed.  Sherri is also helping write and direct a documentary on the I'm Not Ashamed movie.  Isaac has mostly been at home mixing the Story of God cast recording--which is almost ready to be packaged!--but is also writing music/soundtrack for the documentary.   All our volunteer work is to help this movie that, when all is said and done, will donate a percentage to global missions--including the Story of God.

  Thanks for keeping up with us, and continue to pray for the success of this film capturing the courageous faith of a teenager.  We pray the message of "I'm Not Ashamed" will embolden Christ-followers, young and old, across the country!

(click the link below if the video doesn't appear in your email)

Birmingham & Knoxville . . .

Hey, if you've missed seeing some of the latest Story of God video updates on Facebook, this is our next to last update to help some of you subscribers in catching up!  Eliza Lundgren, our Stage Manager, is narrating.  Some of you know Eliza's parents Lee and Nicki Lundgren, who have been family friends for a long time.  Our cast has over 70 costume changes, many props to move, and sometimes batteries going dead on mic pacs have to be changed--and Eliza helps us make it through a show.  She is also taking care of inventory every time we load out, to make sure we're not leaving behind equipment, and also manning our merchandise table with some new Story of God t-shirts!  On top of that, her real expertise is helping document with photos and maintaining our website.  We appreciate her very much!  

(If video doesn't appear in your email, click link above)

Charlotte and Beyond . . .

 A great big 'THANK YOU' goes out to Lake Norman Baptist Church for hosting the Story of God in Charlotte at their church campus.  It was great sharing with the private school students in the morning and later Friday evening with adults from Lake Norman and other churches and friends in the area.  The staff and friends at Lake Norman did an amazing job of getting the word out and filling their auditorium for people to hear & see the redemptive theme that pours from God's heart.

After our weekend in Charlotte we came back home to the Nashville area and had a special guest,  Pastor Peter from Nairobi, Kenya.  Peter ministers to children in the slums and has begun using the First Priority strategy of students sharing the gospel with other students.  While visiting with Benny Proffitt (leader of First Priority Global), Peter sat in on one of our full rehearsals.  After seeing it, Peter extended an invitation for Story of God to come to Nairobi.  Please pray for us and open doors to share the Story of God in the U.S., which will help us raise funds to respond to the standing invitations to Spain, Uganda, Nepal, and now Kenya!

Premiere in Asheville Sold Out!

Wow!  What an amazing weekend, with two sold out shows in Asheville!  Amazing stories from each night, with The Story of God connecting to people's hearts.  One woman invited and bought 135 tickets for friends, many who were not familiar with the gospel.  Others commented how they finally "got it" and how the pieces of stories went together into the Story-line of God's pursuit and plan to rescue us.  

 Thanks to everyone who helped at the premiere:  the Penistons with prayer, food teams, and ushers for the house!  Thanks to the staff at Highland for their faith to book Diana Wortham Theater and to be inviters!  Thanks to John Cress for his tireless promotion and personal invitations to many in the city!  Thanks to United Church and Lifepointe Church for rehearsal space at critical points.  Thanks to those who gave when there was nothing to see, only an idea and vision to share the gospel through The Story of God!

Smyrna Livin'!

  The Story of God team (minus Colton & Kimberly) has moved to southeast Nashville in the Smyrna neighborhood!  We settled into our house last Monday and have been wading through boxes while still holding rehearsals in our basement and back yard!  Sherri says it's a lot like in Rocky, when his trainer, Mickey tells him if he can catch the chicken, he will be 'fast as lightning!'  Rocky didn't have a great gym, and had some unusual methods, but the training got done.  The training atmosphere for us isn't great, but we are chasing the chicken and getting prepped for the premiere April 3rd & 4th in Asheville at the Diana Wortham Theater!

  The good news today is that we met some great people at Lifepointe Church in Smyrna who, on very short notice, are allowing us to use some space in their building for rehearsals starting tomorrow!  This is a huge help to us with getting our lights and sound programmed before our last week of rehearsal.  Colton is traveling back and forth between Asheville and Nashville--so pray for his safety on the road and for Kimberly and baby Eloise at home!

  If you would like to keep in touch or send support via snail mail, we do have a new mailing address:

 Story of God, P.O. Box 1683, Smyrna, TN 37167.

Your prayers, encouragement and donations are greatly appreciated!

  Check out one of our latest video updates with some of the work going into the aerial silks