On I'm Not Ashamed Set

  Everyone has been working on the set of "I'm Not Ashamed" the Rachel Scott story (girl who was targeted and murdered for her faith at Columbine HS in 1999).  Eliza Lundgren has been doing behind the scenes and on scene still photos; Colton Kilgore has been filming behind the scenes.  Rachel Peniston and Elisa McCready have been working in the costume department (huge!), while  Annie McCready has been helping the producers move 'extras' and edit the script for the director.  Danny and Elisa both got minor speaking roles (a sentence or two).  Sherri and I have been working with the marketing team, and preparing some future live events (which Story of God will perform) to recruit hosts for the April 20, 2016 showing of I'm Not Ashamed.  Sherri is also helping write and direct a documentary on the I'm Not Ashamed movie.  Isaac has mostly been at home mixing the Story of God cast recording--which is almost ready to be packaged!--but is also writing music/soundtrack for the documentary.   All our volunteer work is to help this movie that, when all is said and done, will donate a percentage to global missions--including the Story of God.

  Thanks for keeping up with us, and continue to pray for the success of this film capturing the courageous faith of a teenager.  We pray the message of "I'm Not Ashamed" will embolden Christ-followers, young and old, across the country!

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