Steps Toward Multiplying Teams

 We are settling into Branson this month of May after some great presentations with our friends at Lake Norman Baptist Church (Charlotte, NC).  Thanks, LNBC, for not only hosting the Saturday night SOG presentation, but allowing us to share our testimonies on Sunday morning!

  In Branson, we are taking time to meet new people, like the leaders of International Fellowship at Missouri State University.  Some of their students are exchange students from the same city in East Asia--where we have connection with missionary friends.  We hope to be building some bridges and possibly work on translating SOG into Mandarin.  We are also preparing for our coming time with Teen Missions International.  Please pray for our interactions with international leaders from countries in the southern part of the continent of Africa, and students from across the U.S.

  We are beginning training for our new understudy, Elle, who we met back on the movie set of "I'm Not Ashamed" (being released in October).  After having to cancel one of our shows in Branson because of sickness, we realized that a 'swing' cast member was needed.  Pray for Elle as she begins learning the narrator's role in SOG.

  We are still raising funds toward the start up of a theater in Branson.  We still believe this is the best route for generating funds for international travel and future teams.  There are several theaters available, and one we've contracted for a short term in March, but we cannot start continuous shows until we've raised $300k in start up.

Pray for the young team members who have left home, sacrificing time and pursuit of better paying jobs to give themselves to this mission.  Pray for God to supply all our needs (we lost the support of Pilot fuel for this coming year, and feeding 10 people 3 times a day is a challenge). Thank you for your support and prayers!

--Shannon McCready