Branson Shows & Story of God Tickets

 Yes, we're a religious non-profit doing a "show" in Branson, Missouri!  We sell tickets ( to our show to help raise funds to send and multiply teams overseas, and to especially help the Gospel to be communicated to people without written languages.  So, we are motivated a little differently than other "shows", and we see ourselves as missionaries, not entertainers.  But we do entertain (literally means to "captivate the imagination"), presenting original drama, music, dance, and aerial silks to tell the Story from Genesis to Revelation.  And like other "shows" we face the same struggle as any other group of entertainers in Branson: New shows work hard to continue to stay in "business", building a following. 

  While we build that following, would you consider sponsoring a presentation of Story of God in Branson?  It is a tax-deductible gift to our 501 (3) (c) organization, The Sending Shoppe, Inc. DBA Story of God.  Gifts in kind (vehicles with titles and such) are accepted as tax deductible gifts.  To our regular subscribers, please share this blog/vlog* with a friend who might be interested.  Thanks for you support in multiplying messengers for the Gospel!  

*If the video doesn't appear in your email, click the link included or copy and paste in your web-browser.