Branson Star Theater Becomes Millennial Theater

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Hello Story of God Friends-

Wow!  We have much to celebrate as Story of God has now miraculously been open in Branson Star Theatre for 7 WEEKS!  We are told here locally that this a good length of time because there are many shows who don’t make it that long.  We have been miraculously sustained by donations from you all, thank you!!!!!  We share the whole Story no matter how small the crowd and are thrilled that the response remains very encouraging as everyone loves the show!  We have also seen Compassion International children receive sponsorship through the show, hooray!

We had great success at a local back to school outdoor party where we played with many children and assisted them with making Story of God top hats- they were a hit!  We also had them play a game with our Story flip cards to see if they knew the Story well enough to put it into the correct order.  Lots of fun and lots of great questions.  The team topped off the night by putting together an acapella street performance where ‘The Story’ is told in about 90 seconds, very creative and lots of fun to watch.

The theater we perform at, Branson Star Theater, is under new management and changing it's name to Millennial Theater.  We hope to be seeing a new digital sign at the road front entrance, which will help out Story of God visibility.  Some changes are going on inside too, as digital screens are being added for an 'immersive experience".  We hope to be able to make use of these to enhance the Story of God experience.  The changes also come for Story of God to present just once a week on Saturdays at 2pm.  Pray for the transitions going on with the theater!

Go Show Your Love Hosea!


It has been fun to enhance the visual experience for the audiences through the use of more production elements available to us at the Theatre.  We were able to take some photos of the beautiful scenes in the Story.  Enjoy those and share them as you can with folks who may like to see the show here in Branson.  

We are beginning booking for our travel season February- April, please let us know if you would like the Story to come to your city during the off season at the theatre.

We are also expanding the work of Story of God by developing training materials to accompany the Musical.  Shannon has a good amount of writing done on a book to support the claims of the Story as a Pastor using Scripture, Apologetics, and his Testimony.  We are also beginning work on small group materials and VBS curriculum.

Missionary Paul Preaches Jesus

Missionary Paul Preaches Jesus


Thank you so much for all of your support!  We continue to press on within this mission because we love the story!