Hi Friends!


Happy 3 years of the Story of God Journey to you, some of you have walked every step with us.  Shannon and I have been chasing God’s adventures since we were in High School and there sure have been some wild rides, but nothing that quite compares to the challenges and potential with Story of God.


In a few weeks, I (Sherri) will spend 2 very hot weeks in Florida training students at Teen Missions International in drama, while introducing them to the 2018 opportunity to take the Story of God to South Africa.  I will be speaking to the 800+ students about the mission of Story of God and opening up the chance to audition this fall for the new team.  I am very excited about this chance and sober as to all that I still need to learn, but I remember how far this Story has come and I am strengthened to continue pressing on.


In 3 years the Story of God was conceived, written, scored, produced, choreographed, costumed, rehearsed, performed 62 times, recorded, filmed, and invited to the world.  It has been tested in parks, Rehabs, Churches, Schools, Prison, and Theatre’s.  Young and old were held captive by the power and production of this Story!


Some of you know that our Branson Theatre season was cut short due to a series of overwhelming set backs.  I was asked recently what I thought or felt about that ‘failure’ or difficult season.  I told them this, “God doesn’t owe me anything.  He is good and and worthy to shake everything that can be shaken, especially those endeavors that bear His Name.”  We all believe that God’s ways are perfect and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.  I am humbly thankful to Him for sustaining our family through that very difficult time and relocating us 3 times in 3 years….amazing!  We bought and sold 3 houses in 3 years with no difficulty. 


Why are we in Boone, NC now?  We came for 3 reasons.  We prayed from September to January for God to allow Shannon to Pastor again, in a city that was cool enough in climate for Annie, in a Church where the Story of God ministry could be nurtured.  In an amazing turn of events we have been given the opportunity to PLANT A NEW CHURCH IN BOONE, NC- MOUNTAINSIDE COMMUNITY!  God did it.  We now live in a mountain cabin at 4300 feet elevation with cool mountain air and Shannon is the lead Planter and Pastor of Mountainside.  We will base the future work of Story of God from this gathering of Christ Followers as the International work begins.




We just released the STORY OF GOD MOVIE on youtube and for purchase through our website.  Now the Story can continue to move and grow and go to places that we could never reach.  Be sure to share this on FB to help us get the word out! It’s really good. Elec did a fantastic job directing the filming and Elisa did great work with the camera.  Be sure to pick up a copy for yourself!


This year I will be prepping the Story for International travel.  There is still a great deal ahead of me as I finalize this production, script, score, costumes, sets, and cases making it ready to release to new International teams and potentially available for others to perform here in the U.S.


We greatly value your prayers and continued monthly support as we press on to all that we believe may lay ahead.  Is there such a thing as a quad-vocational?  If so, that’s me.  I reserve time each week to continue to work for Story of God, while I work to plant Mountainside, serve my family, and clean houses to help pay the bills.


I was told once that anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the apples in a seed.  I believe the seed of the Story of God has great potential to bear good and great fruit all over the world.  I am compelled to watch and pray through this 4th year to see what God chooses to do with this seed, it is His.  So are we.


Pressing on,