Why Should Story of God the Theatrical Journey Happen? (Part 2)

 If you just started subscribing to Story of God, this is the second part of some very good reasons why the Story of God is not a frivolous thing.  Instead, the reasons my help us see it is exactly the sort of thing needed for the times we live, and the need at hand.


4) THE STORY CAN DISCIPLE US ~ The Story of God Musical was formed from 16 “story sets” used by missionaries to communicate the Story of God to people with no written languages.  Though we live in a literate country, we are becoming less so, as 45% of most college graduates will never read a book after leaving school.  We are becoming a people relying on screens, audio, and quick 140- character bits of news.  The Story of God can be seen, heard, and felt in 100 minutes, and leave lasting images to be cultivated by mentors and disciples of  Jesus.  We can learn to tell our story, and we can learn to tell His Story, and help others find their story within His Story! The Message makes us messengers (we will soon have updated SOG synopsis cards for training/discipling).


5) THE STORY HELPS THE WORLD MAKE SENES TO US ~ Who is explaining to our children and to young adults why the world is such a mess?  Not many people tell us the reason why, and also why we long for something better.  The Story of God gives the most reasonable explanation for why the world is the way it is.  It tells us how things got this way, and how there is hope for something better.  Where did I come from? Why am I here? Who am I?  Where am I going?  These are life’s deepest philosophical and spiritual questions.  The Story of God answers life’s biggest questions with the bravest answers.


6) THE STORY IS REPRODUCIBLE ~ Story of God the Musical was designed to travel and be reproducible.  Language was purposely kept to a minimum. With the help of translation teams, lines spoken or sung are presented in scripts and video for pre-rehearsals.  With the help of a trained Story of God Director, an auditioned group of 8-10 people can be trained and directed methodically, so they can present the Story of God to their own country.  If Jesus wants us to preach the Message of the Kingdom to the ends of the earth, then we have got to find reproducible ways to fulfill the Great Commission.


I want to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who helped or donated to make our mini-vision-tour happen.  We traveled to Nashville, Lexington, Indianapolis, Wichita, Ft. Worth, and Birmingham and visited with friends from the past, family, and met new friends along the way.  We were able to raise our goal for the final production expenses.  We’ve begun ordering materials and started our rehearsals learning the first scenes of Story of God!


I hope you will pray for us, as we begin this venture, and I hope you will donate towards this mission.  We are just one part of 4-part plan to fulfill the Great Commission in our lifetime.  Contact us to learn more of the 1st Priority Global Vision.


Shannon McCready

Executive Director

Why Should Story of God the Musical Happen?

Maybe a “musical” sounds frivolous, something that only a certain segment of the population would enjoy.  Maybe it just seems like mere entertainment, what is not considered a need.  Why put the unchanging message of the Gospel of the Kingdom and carry it in this form?  They are all good questions, and possibly there are some underlying assumptions that form those questions and opinions.  So, why should Story of God the Musical be taken to the country and around the world?  Let me give you a few reasons.


 1) THE STORY IS A FORM FOR US ~  As humans, we have a thing for stories. Whether around the campfire, at bedtime, or on a long evening, we like to hear a good story.  Most people don’t realize the Bible is mostly in narrative form (story), and not just sets of information.  Jesus demonstrated this one for us, and captured the imaginations of people by telling parables (earthly stories with heavenly meaning).  The Bible is made up of many parts (books), but as a whole it is the history (story) of God revealing Himself and His Kingdom to the world and how He intends to bring the world back to Himself.  The Story of God helps us see how the parts of the Bible come together to tell us something important. It is a true story with wonder, betrayal, hope, suffering, forgiveness, and overcoming.  Like any story, you fall in love with the hero.  But what happens when you realize the Hero you’ve fallen in love with is real, present, and in love with you too?


2) THE STORY CAN CROSS BARRIERS TO US ~There are a few things that cross the barriers of most every culture:  concern for children, need for community, athletic activities, and music.  Even when we may not like a particular style of music—it’s not my “tribe’s” music—most of us will still have an appreciation for a live performance from a skilled musician.  And the tricky thing about music is that it gets in us.  We start tapping a foot, swaying to the sound, and before we realize it, it has touched our hearts.  The Story of God delivered through music and live performance has the chance to spiritually touch hearts, because it is music containing truth.


3) THE STORY CAN ENGAGE US ~ We all have our criticisms of entertainment and the foul things that are depicted in movies, music videos, and live performances.  But we ourselves admit that we all enjoy a great story, and have been moved by certain depictions by actors, musicians, and performers.  And our bank accounts prove it.  We and many others value entertainment.  What is entertainment?  It’s what holds our attention and engages our minds, delighting us and holding our attention.  Is it possible for us to take the Story of God and tell it in an engaging way?  Using drama, dance, music, and visual art all combined in the form of a “musical,” could we capture imaginations for God?


  I have three more great reasons, but I’ll save it for you in the next post!  Pray for our team—we’re doing a week of fund-prayer-raising in five different cities over the next 10 days.  We hope to raise $15,000 to help finish production costs of sets, lights, costumes, and sound.    


--Shannon McCready, Executive Director