Ever since I was young I've had a strong passion for music. Little did I know the Lord would give me the opportunity to be a composer for the Story of God Musical, and not only that, but also to be an actor in it. I'm blown away by the journey God has led me on.

    My walk with Christ began at the age of 6, but my passion for music really started developing around age 12. A few years passed and I realized that I had a talent and a growing desire in writing music. I started a band called Laughter shortly after. Laughter is the musical expression of my heart. Everything I go through, and everything I learn, I write into those songs. It's my dream to tour and play music with Laughter someday. But in the meantime, I was invited to participate in the Story of God (ironic way of putting that, right?). 

    When I was asked to compose an all original score for Story of God the Musical, I was honored and willing to put in every effort to accomplish the task. I brought in Eddy Chernous (another extremely talented composer and musician who just happens to be my best friend) and we set to work for 5 months, writing, recording, mixing, editing… etc. And at the end of the process I'm very proud of the work God has inspired in us.

    My eyes are open wide with great expectancy in my heart for the glory of God to be revealed. I am humbled and honored to be a part of this team, and I pray that God can use me for his glory.