Marketing Strategies & Goals

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Marketing should begin 12 weeks before Story of God comes to your city, if time allows. The goal is for the WHOLE city to know the Story is coming.

There are many free, creative ways to promote: cyber marketing, publish on personal blogs, on church website, personal social media pages, newspaper and magazine articles, leaving posters at restaurants, or hotel concierge, share the trailer, show the trailer at church, small groups, invite other churches to join you in all these areas. We have many of these things on our website and Facebook page you can share or publish links to, update web site banner page. We will be updating our blog which you can share, ask your church to share everything as well. We will keep our website and Facebook up to date with event dates, times, and locations, this is why securing your venue is the first thing that should be done.

This is the time for your church to link arms and start pushing into the city, together you will be able to accomplish more.
There are also many possibilities for paying for promotional materials: We already have seen cities sell playbill ads which is a great idea because when a business buys space, you get money right away to put toward more advertising! When this has been done, often the host church will have a full, pro bono ad. This is a labor intensive option, but helps financially and allows a large number of people in the community to hear about
the Story, one on one.

One city paid for all the paper liners at their local Wendy’s to have the information on it. You can rent billboard space, print posters, post cards, ask local grocery stores if you can stuff all the bags with a flyer, take out an ad in newspapers and magazines. If you can think it, why not try it?
We have found by far, the most effective way of getting people in the door, is with a personal invitation. Ask your church to hand out flyers, or just spread the word as they
go about their community.

The last two weeks before the show is the big push. We will be sending you videos, photos, and things to share everyday. Again, this is something you need to ask your church to share, post, link, daily, so it comes to the surface of everyone's page.

We have all the files, photos, video, needed for any advertisement. We have an Asheville company, Printville, who has offered to do all the printing for the playbill and any other printing needs. He has a website set up that I will pass on when you are ready. You order directly from them and they will mail it to you. He also has given us a huge discount which is such a blessing.

That’s it! We would love to hear what ideas your group came up with!