The Story of God will inspire you and illuminate the Bible like no other dramatic musical presentation you have ever seen before!  It is so original, inventive, creative, and ingenious in its presentation that it will forever change your view of God & His story! Hey Youth Ministers, Student Pastors!  The Story of God is an amazing tool for your youth ministry!  It will not only forever change your students view of God & His story, but it is a very clear visual depiction of the Gospel of Christ and the power of the Cross! - Phil Brown - Arkansas Coordinator- Nat'l Network of Youth Min. & First Priority of America, Lead Coach & Spanish Coord. - First Priority Global


“The Story of God” is a fresh telling, designed to engage the non-reader, both believer and skeptic alike. You may think along the lines of “Godspell” but with good theology.  The McCready family and friends have created a wonderful experience that will sure raise questions and conversations that invite all of us deeper into God’s story.  I encourage you to see “The Story of God.”Dr. Neil Franks - Pastor of First Baptist Church Branson


"This dramatic theatrical presentation of The Story of God will move you ….See it! Support it! Send it! to every nation." - Benny Proffitt, Founder- First Priority


"The Story of God" moves the soul with an artistic depth never witnessed by me before. The Fall and Redemption of mankind as told in the Bible is brought to life by a young and energetic cast disciplined by the voice and movement arts and by a stage setting of immense power and simplicity." - John Ager, NC House Representative 


"As a pastor and an artist I can FULLY endorse The Story of God production." - Jason Garris, Lead Pastor-Highland Christian Church


"The Bible comes to life right before your eyes...It's as if God had invited me over to watch home movies!" - Brad Allen, Nashville Music/Film Producer


"One of the most incredible shows I've ever seen." - Chuck Howard, Nashville Music/Film Producer