I can’t ever seem to speak about Jesus, without speaking about him as the Son.  And I can’t say all that is contained for me in the word ‘God’ until I have said Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  I found that at the center of the universe is a relationship, a community—a family, actually.  The Father loves the Son, and the Son loves the Father—and the Spirit is totally taken up with the beauty and goodness of the Son and Father!  I was fourteen when I found out that God opened up that Triune fellowship to us. It was told to me in what I now know as the Story of God. I became a ‘co-lover’ of God with God.  Christ-followers have the new command to love.  But what I 

discovered is that I am to love you not as much as God loves, but with him as he loves you.  And that is why I’m here today to share his story, as a co-lover with God of the world.

  As husband, dad, and brother it’s my joy to share the greatest story alongside of my family.  If there is great love emoted by me in this presentation, it’s not because of acting skills, but because I find myself in a picture of a picture, a dad loving his children.  I hope that you will find your story within his story too.