Missionary, wife, and mother.

My earliest memories are those of the Church; the love of God and family, the songs, the bustle and the mission.  The Church was my playground and my home.  The sound of the Church singing was (and still is) one of my favorite sounds on earth.  I was a PK, and not a resentful one.  When I was 12, I was sexually abused- and I felt unworthy of the beauty of the Church.  I walked in shame and aloneness and never allowed my family or the Church to wrap their arms around me, because I was afraid.  I walked in years of immorality, insecurity, and failure.  In the midst of that time- when I was 17, I attended the Youth Congress on Evangelism in D.C. and God made it undeniably clear to me that he wanted me.  I couldn’t understand why, He was the only one who knew the truth.  I sensed him calling me to become bold in my love and service for Him.  I surrendered.  At 17 I became a missionary to the US and God began the work to powerfully heal my heart. It has been 30 years and that mission has carried me to lots of places.  My titles and assignments change- but the heart of my STORY is the same, I am a girl deeply devoted to the renown of Jesus Name.