The Movement


What if there were multiple teams of ‘story-tellers’ taking this musical form of the Story of God to the ends of the earth?  That’s what Story of God is doing in partnering with First Priority Global, Compassion International, and Teen Missions International, as well as other international organizations.  The Story of God was made not just as an excellent musical production, but made creatively with a small cast, portable sets, lighting, and sound so it could be performed in a village square as well as a music hall or theater.

  The first cast and crew of Story of God are not just story-tellers, but also the first trainers of new teams of cast-members.  We are looking for Ugandans to become story-tellers to Ugandans, Indonesians to Indonesians, Columbians to Columbians, Americans to Americans . . . until there are over 300 Story of God teams around the world.  The Message of the Gospel always makes us messengers—or in our terms, story-tellers!


   Story of God is just one facet of a multi-faceted global plan of partnering organizations to see the Great Commission completed in our lifetimes.  To learn how your organization can participate go to: