The Musical


God is not a being devoid of emotion, yet sometimes we read and hear from the Bible with no feeling. The Story of God Musical is an intense 100-minute, artistic experience engaging the senses of our mind, so our hearts are given room to feel.  Like a Broadway musical, two acts of original music, dance, drama, and costuming engage our eyes, ears, mind, and heart.  

   The unfolding of the Story of God is led by our cast of performers, or storytellers, recapturing our imaginations to consider the wonder of grace woven through every scene.  You will be reminded that the greatest Story, from which all great stories derive, also has a hero with whom we want to fall in love.  But along the way there is the awe of a new world, the agony of betrayal, the loneliness of the wilderness, the joy of angels announcement; from the anguish of sacrifice, to the songs of the people of faith, and the power of God’s final word. You will be given a chance to see it all at once, in a single artistic encounter that will leave your soul longing.  The Story will find you and invite you in.